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Type of information we collect from you

We ask you to provide your name and email address to set up your account with mySARAH exercise progamme. When you begin the programme, we collect information including your age, gender, profession, education, average hours spent on Internet and duration since diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. At the beginning and end of the programme, you will complete 10 simple questions on hand function. When you begin a new mySARAH session, you will record your pain level on a 0-10 scale. You will also be filling exercise plan forms and an online exercise calendar (optional), throughout the programme. At the end of the programme, you will provide general feedback about mySARAH and how you felt about your recovery from arthritis in your hands. All this information will be used to record the progress you make during the programme.

If you have consented to our cookies, the usage data will be collected when you visit our website. As per the preferences you opted during registration, you will receive automated email reminders. You may choose to change your preferences from your account settings, anytime.

We will also collect information when you use the ‘Contact us’ form to send us your queries or comments. Please be reminded that all queries relating to your health condition or SARAH exercises must be dealt with your therapist or rheumatology care team, who referred you to mySARAH progamme. For any queries on technical issues, we will respond within 2 working days.

How do we use your information

We will not share your personal details (name and email address) and the information you record on mySARAH questionnaires/forms to any third party. Your personal details and your responses to questionnaires/forms are securely stored within mySARAH website, accessible to the OCTRU team and authorised SARAH team members only.

We will collect your questionnaire responses from the website and anonymise (remove names linked to responses) them with non-identifiable codes. This information will be stored in password protected files in a secured network drive at the University of Oxford and accessed by authorised SARAH team members only.

We will only use your information for the purposes for which we collected it which are outlined in this text. If we need to use your data for an unrelated purpose, we will seek your consent to use it for that new purpose.

We are processing your information for this purpose only because you have given us your consent to do so, [by ticking the appropriate box during registration]. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at sarahexercise@ndorms.ox.ac.uk. In this event, we will stop the processing as soon as we can.  However, this will not affect the lawfulness of any processing carried out before your withdrawal of consent.

We will only retain your information for as long as we need it to fulfil our purposes. Your information will be securely and permanently destroyed 12 months after you have completed the mySarah programme. 

Who to contact

If you wish to raise any queries or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us by sending us a message using ‘Contact us’ tab or email  sarahexercise@ndorms.ox.ac.uk.